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What, why, how, where and when to document

This text it’s a copy to the fabzero course developed by Francisco Sanchez

Learning by doing: Get a notebook for Fab Zero program and write down your first entry. Answer in one sentence: Why are you here?

The most important thing to understand when it comes to documenting your work is that you are not writing a tutorial, a step by step guide or telling others what to do. You are telling your personal story, your journey into the learning process. While you still have to provide details about your findings, you have to become a storyteller.

Documenting is not about the final result, it’s about the learning journey. What was the goal, what did you had to research, how did you approach the solution, and what was the outcome. Document both failures and successes. There is a tendency to hide failures inherited from our educational system. In traditional education failure is negative. But there is much more you can learn from documenting your failures than documenting your sucesses.

The simplest explanation I can give you about why do you have to document is that you have less recall memory than a goldfish. Actually you will remember less than 60% after just 20 minutes (read more). Document what you do while you do it. Exercise the habit of documenting every day.

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It’s all about documentation. Does not matter what you did, only what you documented.

Importance of documenting while you work

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Group page * Not clear how your team planned and executed the project. Maybe you should explain better how you divide the task and plan the week. * Super nice the Lesson learned section! Congrats! * Bonus: Add name of team and lab in the slider. * Not clear how your team planned and executed the project. Maybe you should explain better how you divide the task and plan the weeks. * Missing Silde and Video * Seem you have not updated this page with the latest changes you have made. Please do it because the machine is super nice and it is a pity that we do not see all the work that you have done during the last two weeks to make it work! * Individual page * Add a link to the Project page documentation. * Here you should explain just your individual contribution to the project. * Missing Slide * Missing fabrication files * Recognise opportunities for improvements in the design * Listed future development opportunities for this project

Individual page - Would be nice to explain basic settings for the 3d printed pieces.

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