Fab Academy 2022 Student Bootcamp


Date: 17 - 21 January 2022

Use this issue to discuss and suggest topics for next year.

Monday 17 Jan

Time Topic
9:00A EST Opening words
by Neil Gershenfeld
9:10A EST A few words about Fab Academy Student Bootcamp program this year
by Krisjanis Rijnieks
9:15A EST Introduction to Fab Infra
by Henk Buursen, Julian Galimore
10:00A EST Final presentations 2021 cycle.
You can find the list of graduates on the Fab Academy Final Projects page (click on the 17 Jan 2022 tab).

Tuesday 18 Jan

Time Topic
9:00A EST Fabbable *DUINO Boards
by Adrian Torres, Quentin Bolsee, Hanneuse Luc, Erwin Kooi

× Adrianino and SAMDino Slides
× Adrianino
× SAMDino
× Name Badge Slides
× Cowduino
× SAM Arduino Core
× SAM D11C DevKit
× SAM D21E DevKit

Wednesday 19 Jan

Time Topic
10:00A EST Global Open Time
by Adrian Torres, Rico Kanthatham, Pablo Nuñez

× Slides

Thursday 20 Jan

Time Topic
9:00A EST Soldering Survival Guide
Duaa Alaali

× Slides

Friday 21 Jan

Time Topic
9:00A EST Terminal Basics, Package Management, Cheats and Cheatsheets
Oleksandr Romanko

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