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Extended Covid protocol for your safety!


NEW Covid restrictions updated 3.1.2022 COVID info page. Travellers require a COVID test. New vaccines are accepted.
NEW Updated version of temptative schedule.
IMPORTANT!! Extended Covid protocol at the bootcamp. COVID info page.
NEW COVID restrictions updated 29.11.2021.
NEW Early bird prolonged until 30th of November.
NEW Erasmus+ information from University of Oulu updated in the Contacts section.
NEW If VISA is cancelled due to COVID or you cannot travel because of COVID restrictions we will refund registration fees.
NEW We will keep up to date situation on COVID restrictions at our COVID info page. Currently, Oulu area does not have any COVID restrictions for gathering or opening hours of bars, restaurants …
NEW You get to try virtual Fab Lab, see demovideo
NEW On site demo on 3D printing electronics
NEW You get to try to make a small 3D printed metal part
NEW You get to try professional Super Fab Lab tools such as water jet cutter or metal cutting laser
NEW Field trip to Snow Castle of Kemi