Hello, my name is Tue!

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I'm Tue M. Ngo, an infinite learner from Vietnam and based in Barcelona.

I graduated with multiple degrees in Design & Applied Arts, Software Development, and Digital Entrepreneurship. Currently, I'm working as a Software Developer. I often code in Java (Spring Boot), JavaScript (ReactJS, AngularJS), Ruby (Rails) and C# (.NET Core).

I'm learning how to make (almost) anything. This website is used to document my journey exploring the Fab Academy program in Fab Lab Barcelona. For more information, please refer to my Student Agreement and Weekly Assignments.

I aim to strengthen my ability to connect the digital and physical worlds, to create beyond the gaps, and to make impacts across various segments. I'm also leaning towards being a part of the community of anti-disciplinary social innovators, software craftsmen, digital artists, and makers. That's why I'm here!

When I am offline and no one knows what I’m doing, I get to know new places and people, pursue new hobbies, and present in alternative universes.

Take a look at my Final Project and if you have any interesting ideas to discuss, feel free to shoot me an email or message me on Linkedin.