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Implications and applications#

Oscar Tomico

Program outline#

(wearable) technology meets (fashion) design: implications and applications

Recent developments in electronics, software programming and service design are shaking the current notions of what a textile is. Societal trends like a renewed interest in crafts, the need for a sustainable mass production system and the emergence of personalization are reshaping the way the fashion system works. By means of a series of conceptual garments and research exemplars carried out at the Wearable Senses Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology, this talk illustrates the challenges and the space of opportunities emerging where (wearable) tech meets (fashion) design.


  • Relation between craftsmanship, mass production, customization and services

  • Ultra-personalised product service systems (UPPSS): ultra-personalized fashion and connected health

  • Personalization at a product level: digital material production

  • Personalization at a systems level: generative design and fit

  • Personalization at a service level: end user programing

  • Case study 1: BB.Suit 0.2

  • Case study 2: Kimbow

  • Case study 3: Phototrope


  • Document the concept, sketches, references also to artistic and scientific publications
  • Create an Ultra-personalised product service systems (UPPSS) for your final project
  • Map the potential stakeholders
  • Explore personalisation at all the different levels
  • EXTRA POINT : Interview your potential users/ target group about your concept, quantify results

How will it be evaluated#

  • References : tutorial , links, inspiration
  • Design : sketch , 3D modeling skills, Parametric modeling skills
  • Fabrication : Capable of executing from file to production workflow, from 3D modelling to 3D printing , parameters, materials
  • Documentation : Anyone can go through the process and understand
  • Final outcome : Is the project assembled, functioning and complete
  • Originality - Aesthetics : Has the design been thought through and elaborated


Lecture Video


Review Video