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Final Project Presentations#

April 2022

Your project is required to use at least 3 out of the 12 assignments, or advance the state of the art by presenting innovation that was not presented in class.


  • Final project presentation
  • Produce and edit your final project Video and photoshoot
  • Document your final project development including blueprints, source files, list of materials, code, project iterations and final outcome
  • Publish your project on a magazine or international platform (extra credit)

How will it be evaluated#

  • Story telling: is the project clearly communicated and well presented
  • Project management: tasks identified and programmed during project development
  • Design, Prototyping and development
  • Documentation: extensive documentation of design, processes and workflow
  • Final outcome: Is the project assembled, functioning and complete
  • Dissemination: Presentation and final project video
  • Originality - Aesthetics: Has the design, prototype and innovation been thought through and elaborated?
  • Student checklist

Final Projects Presentations#

Previous years Presentations videos#


Final Project Presentations#