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Class Schedule 2023#


Participants are chosen to enter the third phase of the program according to the maturity and viability of their project proposal. Those will be incubated to further develop their projects to ready for the market solutions by expanding the knowledge with research methodologies, Business development tools and an Interdisciplinary studio in collaboration with an external University.

Future Technologies for Sustainable Fashion (FTSF) aims to foster collaborations in the emerging field of Fashion Technology with a critical approach under the spectrum of sustainability, future scarcity, and space habitation.

Through a hands-on approach, using digital manufacturing, first-person perspective methodology, multiverse thinking, and embodied design ideation methods, participants will work intensively to develop emerging technologies that respond to societal needs. The projects are led by mixed student teams from the two schools that share vision and agendas and wish to establish their collaboration and enable participants to work under the guidance of a broader and multidisciplinary pool of experts, to ideate and prototype solutions with a design hands-on centered approach.

The main challenges they will face will be focused on: 1) How the use of emerging and disruptive technologies could reverse the environmental impact that the fashion system has on the planet 2) Exploring new ways of designing and producing fashion that lead to novel approaches on how fashion is consumed and discarded

Student teams will work for 12 weeks researching and prototyping solutions using agile manufacturing technologies, new materials, and wearable computing that will be presented at the end of the course to an invited jury experts from IdeaSquare, CERN, and related industrial partners.

Research Methodology#


May 2023

Iaac | Fab Lab Barcelona + IdeaSquare + CERN

This class introduces the Fabricademy topics, vision, mission and background. It will provide participantts with all the details necessary on why and how document their research, work and discoveries.

Business Modelling#

business model

June 2023

This class introduces new digital tools that complement hand tools in order to design, represent, make and modify the human figure that can then be used as a canvas for creation.

Interdisciplinary Studio#


June 2023

In this class the lecture will outline the systems behind fashion and the textile industry, focusing on alternative systems such as circular fashion, agile fashion, open value chains.