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03 PPD. Mid Term Presentations#

February 14th & 15th, 2022

The focus of this session is all about crafting a first complete presentation of the final project. Invited professionals review and give further feedback on the concept and status of the projects, providing support to the participants in making clear their direction and final outcomes. This status update is mandatory, it can take different forms based on the individual final projects, and is the stepping stone towards the Story telling and final prototype review.


  • Update your webpage with the latest concept, sketches, references and the fundamental steps/processes involved for your final project
  • Create a presentation and pitch for your final project presentation
  • Show a prototype of the tool, process, electronics, etc involved (physical, digital, collage or render)
  • Make a 40´´ video pitch update of your project proposal (extra credit)
  • Upload you fabrication files (DXF, STL, PDF)

How will it be evaluated#

  • References: 5W, your project statement and inspirations. What are you trying to solve
  • Design: first prototypes / designs / tools / electronics / processes required
  • Fabrication: your fabrication workflow and fabrication files
  • Final outcome: Presentation of the project’s research and production as of today
  • Originality - Aesthetics: Has the design and innovation been thought through and elaborated
  • Student checklist

Mid Term Presentations#


Previous years videos#


Mid Term Presentations#