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06 PPD. Review on Storytelling & final prototype#

March 28-31st, 2022

The focus of this session is two fold: a clear update on the final prototype (physical, digital, process, performance, etc) crafting the narrative that communicates/presents the project to your “audience”; achieved in a variety of formats: pitch, storyboard, video, interactive overview, etc. By this time, the final project prototype must have concluded. Working on the narrative, the broader vision and objective of your project by creating a storyboard for your final video. This session focuses on presenting the core concept and message of the final projects.


  • Document your final project design and fabrication workflow, including the fabrication files (dxf,pdf,stl)
  • Illustrate the way you want to present your final project using storyboards, presentations,video or any other format suitable for your project
  • Setup your exhibition space and select how to present your final project prototypes
  • Finalize the list of materials and costs for the production of your project

How will it be evaluated#

  • References: pitches for products, awareness campaigns, process cycles
  • Design: storyboard / sketches / videos for assembly
  • Fabrication: Final project prototypes, samples, evolution of the project and exhibition format.
  • Final outcome: A story board and work in progress pitch that presents the project
  • Originality - Aesthetics: Has the storytelling been thought through and elaborated
  • Student checklist

Review on Storytelling & final prototype#

Previous years videos#