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19. Project Development

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

At this point I already:
- Frames.
- Remote control board.
- Omniwheels.
- Robot board.
- Communication between the boards is working.

What has worked? what hasn’t?

- Everything I have done so far is working.

- There’s one thing that I that I have not been able to finish yet: the collision avoidance part. I had an accident with the original motor drivers for the robot. I was using the TB6612FNG, but they burned during a test then I made a designed a new board with the L298N (which needs diodes, contrary to the others), so I spent my time on that new design, tests and adjusting the code for the new drivers.

- A quick comment… Eventually, I realized that the nRF24 radio transceiver modules are not really the best in this case. I lose connection from ~2 meters, a better option would be a radio transceiver wit external antenna or ☝🏼 moving the electronics to the outside so the case doesn’t block the signal.

What questions need to be resolved?

- Is the acrylic a good material for the robot?

- Will the design+materials of the wheels be good enough to work indoor and outdoor?

- Will the torque of que motors (1.4Kg*cm each) be enough to work on no-flat surfaces (which are inevitable in outdoor environments)?

- Since I plan controlling the robot using ROS after the FabAcademy… Is my project going to be completely and easily adaptable for that purpose? Will I need to change/add something else?

What will happen when?

For my time management, at the beginning, I tried to make it very formal and clean with a digital schedule that I into small tasks that I made during the assignments, whose deadlines would be the end of the week:

Week Task
Principles and practices Propose and sketch the final project idea.
Computer Aided design Draft Model of the final project.
Input devices I made a first test with the Joysticks that I used later for the remote control.
Output devices I made a motor controller board to test with the L298N drivers that I used later for the robot.
Embedded Networking and Communications I the board Version#1 of the remote control the remote control using nRF24 modules.
Applications and Implications week - I cut the Frames for the robot and remote control.
- I made the final version of the remote control board.
Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models -I made a draft of the Slide and video.
- I stablished the license for my project.
- I printed the OmniWheels
Project Development I made the board for the robot.

Later I found that this method doesn’t really work for me, it’s a bit tedious and I don’t really like digital ways to manage the development of a project (unless it’s a group project, but still for my very personal tasks I wouldn’t do it digitally).

I tried an old school way. I have used a printed calendar that I keep on my desk so I can check it every time:

I have made it using

- I wrote each assignment on its deadline.
- I also made some extra notes and reminders for every task.

This method really helped me a lot cause every time I was aware of the whole current stage and the missing tasks. I found a paper + a pencil very easy and simple to make notes anytime, regardless of whether I am using the computer or not.

What have you learned?

Even when I already had basic knowledge on most the covered techniques, there’s always new learning. Besides all of the technical learning I can remark a couple of things during this process: time management and documentation aspect.

Last update: June 26, 2021