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Bootcamp assignments

  • Lectures of Prof. Gershenfeld
  • Participate on discussions of Assessment Guide and evaluation
  • Hands-on sessions with Global Fab Academy Team on advanced assignments.
  • FreeCAD: V0.21 improvements, tricks and tips
  • KiCAD: v6 improvements, tricks and tips
  • svgpcb: WOW!
  • samd: make, stuff, program, workflows with the new programers
  • Continue Urumbu by making modular machine parts
  • Building a Voron 2.4 - CoreXY - Klipper controlled - DIY kit
  • Talks and tutorials from experts in the network
  • Fab Academy Instructors Bootcamp Certificate of Survival

What you always wanted to know anyway:

  • local evaluation (when is it 100%?) and can be send to global
  • global role and responsability (communication with local and students)
  • how to document group assignments
  • documentation and design files (source and/or interchange files?)
  • Howto deal with students

Special assignment:

  • Make something you cannot do in a super Fab Lab with machines that are at least 15 years old :-)

And last but not least:

  • 15.5 anniversary Fablab Amsterdam event at AUAS on Jan 13th
  • 15.5 anniversary party at Waag/Fablab