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Team Voron

  • Henk Bursen - WAAG
  • Saco - WAAG <- Project leader
  • Gleb Bulygin - Fab Lab Oulu
  • Árni Björnsson - Fablab Akureyri (Iceland)
  • Sylvain DENIS - fab-c (Belgium)
  • Kais ALILA - fab619 (Tunisia)
  • Luc HANNEUSE - Agrilab

Assembly of the Voron 3D printer (an opensource 3D printer)

The team at the Waag had spent close to a month printing parts for the project, great job!

Upon arrival, volunteer builders (Voronteers?) were divided into two groups. One group focused on the frame and A/B motors, other team on hotend and gantry.

Once those two parts were completed, the groups joined as needed to continue assembly.

The assembly manual is on the official community website :

Remarks: Some small difficulties for the assembly between the various versions and evolutions.

Some pictures of the building process


Unfortunately there were parts missing and we were unable to finish the build before the bootcamp was over, but we still got some movement going.