WEEK 1: Principles and Practice


Learning outcomes:

A possible idea!

Function: Language learning Assistant.
Aim: Myself! And people learning languages.

My inspiration for the idea

Growing up, I always had a passion for learning languages. I found satisfaction in being able to understand concepts and express my ideas in languages that weren’t my native tongue.
I started my English learning journey early in pre-school. My Korean learning journey, however, took place in my college years (starting nearly four years ago from now) as a requirement of being the president of the Korean club at the time, and recently I have been learning Russian diligently.

During these years, I always looked for efficient ways to learn languages. And I have always wished for a device that could recognize items and provide instant identification for them — consequently, the idea of creating “the box” [ a temporary name for easy referrals].

“The box” is a light weight, portable, easy to use, instant translator that can be used by kids and adults alike. It has a very minimalistic appearance and consists mainly of a camera at the back, a screen in the front, a digital speaker, a processor, a battery and some buttons for easy navigation.

“The Box” uses the combination of computer vision image processing and text to speech conversion in its leading working!

In simple words, the user selects the primary language, and the secondary language first using the buttons at the front and then runs the device. “The Box” identifies items in range by image recognition in the primary language, does the translation, and speaks the word while displaying it on the screen!

Here’s a quick sketch of the operation of the Project.

And a Diagram explaining the project in details.

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